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Being  a sponsor is a great way to be recognized in supporting the arts! 

Artist Open Market has a number of different ways that you can be a patron of the arts through sponsorship of Artist Open Market and the many things we do to support and promote our local artist & small businesses. Our supporting site ShopRochesterArts.com is made completely free to use for all local artist and further helps to promote local artist connecting them to local patrons of the arts. A focused online platform where they can be discovered, seen, promote & sell online 247 365! Your support towards Artist Open Market overall or a particular event not only gives something back to you in regards to our patrons and visitors finding their way to your business, but more importantly keeps the moving forward of the arts and the social & economic community and opportunity it creates via your support!

You can choose to be a sponsor for any of our number of events. If you are interested in being a constant overall sponsor with Artist Open Market, please contact us and we can customize a sponsorship plan that covers your needs and generously. 

Presenting Sponsor

Your your support you receive top billing on website & promotional materials and named as the party “hosting” the event. 
Also includes website presence and banner for your business acknowledging you as ” Presenting Sponsor ”  & supporter of the arts, linking directly to your business website.Including Banner naming your as event host with direct links

Including At The Table service as well.


Live Broadcast Sponsor!

When we go live broadcasting for all to see what is happening at Artist Open Market YOU will be the reason and everyone will know that This live broadcast is sponsored by YOU!
Also includes website presence and banner for your business acknowledging your business as a sponsor & supporter of the arts, linking directly to your business website.


At the table

This Sponsorship places your company or organizations provided promotional materials at our Sponsor Booth!
Your promotional materials and company swag on full display for all event attendees to see & placed into out gift bag giveaways. Also website presence as a event sponsor with company name, logo and direct link to your website.



Sponsor artists

We spend a lot of time seeking out unique, new and quality artisans and we are always surprised at what we find. Many times these artist are not prepared or lack the finances.

When you sponsor an artist you're the spark that ignites the flame and puts an artist in the position to see the possibilities of further pursuing what they love.

Sponsoring more than half an events artist automatically grants you Event Presented by status and all that comes with it.

You receive mention as the artist's sponsor, website presence with a link to your business ( or anonymous if you prefer )

You will also receive the greatest feeling ever!

$100 per artist

Ambiance Sponsor

Sponsor the sounds of the Artist Open Market, and support a local musician! We like to have acoustic musicians to entertain and set the pleasant mood for our patrons making the experience complete, art, music, atmosphere, community.








Become a Sponsor!








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Become a Sponsor!